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    B’not Mitzvah’s

    Let us take care of this special day and guide you through the choice of sights, from the Masorti Kotel, Sherover Promenade, Katzrin Ancient Synagogue, Synagogue on Masada or the Ramon Crater.  Our Rabbi will guide your child with the preparations. Our light Kiddush will follow the service, and a celebratory dinner in the evening.

    Tailor Made Tours

    Let our staff work with you to provide you with the perfect trip for you and your family. Our personal touch and service makes sure every trip is a life changing experience.

    Synagogue Tours

    Our goal is to make your trip as worry free as possible. We will take the “work” out of your trip, leaving you, the Rabbi, worry free to travel with your congregation in the best possible way.


    Experience all that the Old City of Jerusalem has to offer.  See the Western Wall Tunnels and descend into the spectacular underground Rabbinic Tunnels underneath the Kotel, Western Wall of the Ancient Second Temple.  Continue your exploration across the street in one if Israel’s newest excavations in what’s called Ir David, the City of David.  Explore the Jewish Quarter and Arab Markets places as well as the Christian Quarter and walk along the Old City wall’s Ramparts.  Round off your day with the laser sound and light show.

    The Dead Sea Basin

    Descend some 1400 feet below sea level to the lowest point on planet earth.  Ascend to Masada, the resort palace of King Herod and learn the story of the Jewish Zealots.  Swim in the unsinkable waters of the Dead Sea.   Hike at the gorgeous desert oasis of Ein Gedi, a sight mentioned in the Bible and a popular nature reserve today.   See Khirbet Qumeran, the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946.


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