The Lowest Point on Planet Earth


Masada - FramedAscend by cable car to the summit of Israel’s famous Masada, the resort palace of King Herod. Here you will learn the story of the Jewish Zealots who ended their lives rather than succumb to the Roman Legion.

The Dead Sea

Dead Sea Girl Floating - FramedArrive at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel for lunch and a swim in the unsinkable waters of the world’s saltiest body of water. The mineral-rich mud is great for the skin, so ‘lather up’! Have your cameras ready! Lunch and swim are included in a beautiful dead Sea resort hotel.

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi - FramedEnjoy a nature hike at the gorgeous desert oasis of Ein Gedi, a spot mentioned in the Bible and a popular nature reserve today. Visit the exquisite waterfalls and learn the story of a young David who once hid here to avoid the wrath of King Saul.

Qumeran Caves

Khirbet Qumeran - FramedVisit the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946. The scrolls were found in caves about a mile inland from the northwest shore of the Dead Sea, from which they derive their name.

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