Jerusalem – The Old City

Western Wall Tunnels

 As we tour  the Western Wall Tunnels and stand before the entry way to the Holy of Holies, descend into the spectacular Western Wall Tunnels - Formattedunderground Rabbinic Tunnels underneath the Kotel (Western Wall of the Ancient Second Temple). A la Indiana Jones see the doorway which led to the “Holy Of Holies”.

Ir David

 Across the street from the Western Wall we find the excavations in what’s called Ir David, the City of David, with another set of underground tunnels. Walk up to the base of the ancient Second Temple, Ir David - Formattedon the original roads that have been recently excavated and opened to the public. For those who desire, a fun “wet” walk follows, inside the tunnels of King Hezekiah. The tunnels are believed to be part of the ancient water system in the original Jerusalem. Don’t forget your flashlights and wear your water shoes.

Arab markets - FormattedThe Arab marketplaces

Enjoy a little shopping with a walking tour of the Arab marketplaces, one of Israel’s largest. The markets are comprised of a series of wide, shallow stone steps, as well as a maze of narrow, winding paths crowded with open-air shops, whose wares spilled out, hodge-podge, onto the walkways.


The Cardo

A special point of interest in the restored Jewish Quarter is the “Cardo”, meaning the “heart” of this ancient Byzantine City. Walk The Cardo - Formattedalong the cobblestone streets of the Roman original main streets. View the unearthed main Roman thoroughfare and ancient marketplace lined with columns. The original Cardo was the width of an eight lane highway, today only half remains. This roadway is lined with stores and art galleries.

Herodian Mansion

Herodian Mansion - FormattedVisit Herodian period mansions, the site contains six-house aristocratic dwelling facing the Temple Mount. Most likely occupied by Temple priests and their families these homes were designed in the Hellenistic/Roman style popular at the time.


The New City

Machaneya Yehuda Market

Yehuda Market - FormattedStrolling through Machaneya Yehuda, see how the locals bargain for their food shopping for produce and the best rogelach in Israel.


Mea Sharim

Mea Shearim - FormattedVisit Mea Shearim, the ultra-orthodox and one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in in Jerusalem and learn about their unique lifestyle.

Ammunition Hill - FormattedAmmunition Hill

Journey outside the Old City walls, visit Ammunition Hill, a fortified military post located in the northern part of Jordanian-occupied East Jerusalem. Now a national memorial site, commemorating one of the fiercest battle of the Six Day War, in 1967.


Chagall Windows

Hadassah - FormattedThe famed Chagall windows of Hadassah Medical Center and learn about this world famous facility. The light that emanates from the twelve stained glass windows bathes the Synagogue at the Hadassah University Medical Center in a special glow.


knesset - FormattedKnesset, the Israeli  parliament as the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the President and Prime Minister.

One of the Many Museums

Yad VaShem

Honor the memory of the over six million killed in the Holocaust at the new Yad VaShem - FormattedYad VaShem museum. The world’s first Holocaust memorial and museum, an extraordinary architectural masterpiece. Make the most of your visit with the in-depth audio tour. Exercise caution as this museum is NOT recommended for children under 10.

Har Herzl

Har Herzl - FormattedHerzl Dream Experience, a museum about the founder of Modern Zionism, Theodore Herzl. Located on the grounds of Israel’s National Military Cemetery the Har Herzl museum includes a spectacular audio-visual encounter with the visionary of the Jewish State. This is also the resting place of Israel’s leaders.


To the North

Beit Shean

To the North - Beit Shean - FormattedDepart via the Judean desert and drive to Beit Shean … one of the largest byzantine roman excavations in the Middle east. This roman theater was exposed in the 1960’s after which the remainder of the city was discovered over the next 40 years.

Eretz Bereshet

To the North - Eretz Bereshet - FormattedStop for some desert hospitality on the way, Eretz Bereshet, also known as the Land of Genesis. Here you will Dialogue with Abraham’s servant Eliezer and the camels, which lead us to hospitality tent of Abraham. In the tent they will tell the story of the place from Abraham and the land of Canaan, King David, Jeremiah, King Herod Silybum. You will round off your stay with a camel ride.


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