The White City of Tel Aviv


Old Jaffa

Tel Aviv - Old Jafa - FormattedContinue on to the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Old Jaffa, enjoy the panoramic view that perfectly contrasts the ancient and modern culture that is Israel. Walking tour of this area mentioned from the time of Noah, to Jonah through Philistines, Romans and Crusaders … till today


Independence Hall

Tel Aviv - Independence Hall - FormattedVisit Independence Hall and hear the voice of Ben Gurion in the room where he announced to the World, the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

The Palmach Museum

Tel Aviv - Palmach Museum - FormattedExperience the lives of the pre Israeli state ‘freedom fighters’ – the PALMACH, at the interactive museum bearing the pre-army units name.

Weizmann Institute of Science

Tel Aviv - Weizmann Institute of Science - Formatted Stop at the Weizmann Institute of Science, a public research university housing around 2,500 scientists, postdoctoral fellows performing cutting edge scientific. The institute also runs programs for youth, including science clubs, camps and competitions. The tour includes the solar tower, Weizmann’s home, the first President of Israel, and burial spot.


Ayalon Institute

Tel Aviv - Ayalon Institute - FormattedGo underground in Rehovot to a once-secret bullet factory  from the pre Israeli state Palestine, the Ayalon Institute.  This clandestine bullet factory was built in 1945 right under the noses of the British.  Above ground it was a working bread factory, however underground they were producing up to 40,000 bullets a day. It has been said that the bullets manufactured at the Ayalon Institute constituted the only supply that was not in shortage during the war of independence.

Carmel Market

Tel Aviv - Carmel Market - FormattedEnjoy the daily fruits and vegetables of the Carmel Market.  Along the way you will learn about the neighborhood of Neve Zedek.

Levinsky Market

Get an insider’s view of one of Tel Aviv’s oldest marketplaces, the Levinsky Market, is a great and deliciousTel Aviv - Levinsky Market - Formatted way to feel the city’s pulse!   Dialogue with Inbal Baum, who will introduce you to the flavors and the history of this famous market.   Lunch won’t be necessary this day as you nibble-along-the-way!

Nachalat Binyamin

Tel Aviv - Nachalat Binyamin - FormattedEnjoy  the weekly crafts’ fair and market in Nachalat Binyamin, a great place to buy your gifts to take back home. Walk along the many vendors showing their arts and crafts.

Rabin Square

Tel Aviv - Rabin Square - FormattedStop to reflect at Rabin Square, formerly the Kings of Israel Square, renamed Rabin Square following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin on November 4, 1995.

Rothschild Boulevard

Tel Aviv - Rothschild Boulevard - FormattedStroll the tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard and see the UNESCO White City which features one of the world’s finest examples of Bahaus architecture. Learn about the establishment of neighborhoods outside the original Jaffa limits and how the city extended north.


Bike Tour

Experience Tel Aviv with a unique perspective.  Tour the White City and see first-hand the “100 years to Tel Aviv” biking the Tel Aviv - Bike Tour - Formattedstreets of Tel Aviv. Starting at the Tel Aviv port you will make your way through Tel Aviv to the South, the Tachana compound, Neve Zedek. Rotschild, Kikar Rabin and back to the port.



Ben-Gurion House

Tel Aviv - Ben-Gurion House - FormattedVisit the Ben-Gurion House, an historic house and museum in Tel Aviv.  Built in 1930 it served as an additional residence for Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion until 1968.


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