Israel’s South – Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat

Ramon Crater

The South - Mitzpe Ramon Crater - FormattedVisit the town of Mitzpe Ramon,  founded in 1951 as a camp for the workers building the road to Eilat. It’s first permanent residents, settled there in the 1960s, and it became the southernmost of the Negev’s development towns.  Here you will learn about one of Israel’s most famous geological formation- the Ramon Crater.

Carmei Avdat

The South - Carmei Avdat - FormattedMake a stop at Carmei Avdat for wine tasting. Here you will learn about the art of making wine and how these special desert grapes have a unique desert aroma.

 Yotvata dairy farm

The South - Yotvata dairy farm - FormattedStop for a snack and Cold chocolate at the famous Yotvata dairy farm. Located in a kibbutz along the Aravah road in the southern Negev in Israel.

Sde Boker

Tel Aviv - Sde Boker - FormattedOn the way Eilat stop at Sde Boker, best known as the retirement home of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Here you will visit Ben Gurion’s hut and grave overlooking the magnificent Zin valley.



Stop at the Timna valley copper mines and marvel at the huge multi-colored rock formations known as King Solomon’s pillars.  Public interest in the mines awakened in the 1930s, when Nelson Glueck attributed the copper mining to King Solomon and named the site “King Solomon’s Mines”.  The most striking and well-known formation in Timna Valley are Solomon’s Pillars. The South - Timna - FormattedThe pillars are natural structures that were formed by centuries of water erosion through fractures in the sandstone cliff until it became a series of distinct, pillar-shaped structures.

Underwater Observatory

The South - Underwater Observatory - FormattedEilat is blessed with the most magnificent and unique coral reef in the world and lying in the very heart of this reef is the Underwater Observatory Marine Park.


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